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A cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency designed to work as a medium of exchange.  It uses cryptography to secure and verify transactions as well as to control the creation of new units of a particular crypto currency.

Essentially crypto currencies are limited entries in a database that no one can change or alter unless specific conditions are fulfilled


Digital Wallet   


A crypto currency wallet is a secure digital wallet used to store, send, and receive digital currency like Bitcoin.

Most coins have an official wallet or a few officially recommended third-party wallets. In order to use any crypto currency, you will need to use a crypto currency wallet. 

Many examples include highly ultra-secure wallets like:

  • Electrum

  • Gatehub

  • Exodus

  • JAXX



  • Expected growth of up to 4,500%

  • Variety of coins

  • Purchases/Buy goods

  • Secure wallets for storage

  • Can be mined through blockchain technology

  • Faster transaction times


A better deal for cash & Instant delivery

(10% incentive)

All coins are sent to digital wallets using either Windows, MAC, Linux or Android.

As we use our special courier service for the instant delivery of coins, all new clients will receive a further 10% reduction on all cash payments.  This makes both the payment and receiving of your coins a hassle free process.

Maximum cash purchase:   £5,000.00


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