Off Page Optimization


Off Page Optimization is done to increase the online visibility of the given website and can be termed as the combination of link building and relevant traffic guided to a given website. It is done through various techniques, which are described as:1. Directory Submission: A website gets it global recognition through Directory submission. First of all a unique description about the product or services for which directories are to be submitted is written, it is of about 30-35 words. Usually a user do not remember all the websites and want to go back so at that point of time directory provide the user an overview of websites in brief. So a website along with its URL and title is submitted over the web.

2. Deep Link Submission: These are submissions in which inner pages of the websites are also submitted in the directory. It helps in building links to all the pages of a website. This process ensures better optimization of a website leaving no page to be dormant or unnoticed. Before a deep link is provided check whether a website contains good, original and relevant content or not.

3. Business Listing: The website’s URL is posted in various business listing sites describing the products and services offered by the website.

Map Listing Sites: The exact location of the company is added up in the map listing sites, so that it can be easily located by the viewer.

Google Map Optimization: The maps thus listed are optimized further to be list in SERP’s.

4. Article Submission:

• First 10-15 unique articles of about 400-500 words are written, keeping in mind the targeted keywords, the product and services that are offered by the website.

• They are submitted to various article submission sites, and if necessary submissions are done in country specific article directories too.

5. Blogging:

• Accounts are made in famous blog hosting sites such as BLOGGER.

• The Blogs thus formed are on page optimized.

• Unique and viewer’s friendly blogs posts are made keeping in mind the keywords, products and services offered by the website, in order to drive relevant traffic to the website, which also results in increment of page rank.

Blog posts are regularly updated.

• The links of the Wiki’s, Squidoo lenses are added to the post.

6. Blog Promotion: The blog formed is promoted via various blog promoting sites as follows:

Blog Rolls: The links are added to the blog role of other famous blogs, so as to gain high traffic.

Blog Pinging: They are pinged to search engines through various blog pinging sites.

Blog feeds Submission: The blog is submitted to various RSS feeds so that updates made can be readily available to the registered viewers.

7. WIKI Creation:

• Accounts on various Wiki sites are created.

• Unique and Articles are written, describing the qualities of the products or services offered.

• A brief description about the company profile is also added.

• The link of the wiki’s are added up in the blogs formed, hence driving traffic to the website.

• Wiki’s made are updated regularly.

8. Squidoo Lens Creation:

• Account on Squidoo is created.

• Squidoo lenses are formed describing the needs and benefits of the products and services offered by the website, and many similar topics which are viewer’s friendly and can lead to driving relevant traffic are regularly added up.

• New lenses are created and promoted regularly.

9. Social Bookmarking: It is used for storing and managing bookmarks online.

• Accounts on various bookmarking sites are created and managed for searching them.

• Users can save their pages which they want to remember and/to share.

• The links thus formed are bookmarked, each with unique and copyrighted content, with proper keywords included in it.

• These bookmarks can be retrieved chronically, by category or other sorting methods available to a search engine.

• Some extra features have also been added like rating and commenting bookmarks, emailing a bookmark.

10. Social News Submission:

• Accounts on various social news submission sites are created and social news is submitted and edited.

• The links are then submitted, each with unique and copyrighted content, with proper keywords included in it.

• Some popular social news submission sites are Slashdot, Fark, Digg and Reddit. These editors pick the best submission and modify them to put them on front page of their sites.

11. Social Story Submission:

• A social story is a short story that describes a person’s experience about the social situations. These stories make a user to understand and to respond over the social circumstances.

• Accounts on various social story submission sites are created and social stories are submitted regularly.

• The links are then submitted, each with unique and copyrighted content, with proper keywords included in it.

12. Press Releases:

• Press release contents are written in the proper assuring and patient manner that can be understood by the users.

• Account is created in press releasing sites, followed by the submission to various press releasing sites.

• These releasing sites put the content in front of right people looking for it at the right time.

13. Classified Ad Submission: Classified Ads are submitted so as to promote the product and services offered which increases relevant traffic to the site. These analyze and optimize the ads so that a relevant product image can be posted. And

then a full report is prepared. The ad of the product offered by the company is posted on various product listing sites, where the products appear with additional information like a product image, price, and the merchant name, without creating unique ads for each product to sell.

14. Profile Listing Sites: Profile of the company is listed in the profile listing sites adding the description of the products and services like forum profile and social pages. These keep on updating business profiles over web.

15. Blog Commenting: Blog commenting is a very effective source in increasing the page ranking. Back links are made via commenting on relative blogs, which also have large number of visitors these provide quick links to a website.

16. Forums and Discussions: A forum is an online discussion method that allows people to have conversation in the form of posted messages. A forum can contain a number of sub-forums. Each conversation is called a thread.

• Accounts are created in various forums.

• We do an active participation in the discussion that is currently going on in the forums.

• Links are posted in the relevant discussions. So that relevant traffic is driven.

• Apart from that, new threads are also started for the discussion with other members.

17. Video/Image Promotion:

• The videos and images which are provided by the client are promoted on various video and image sharing sites.

• Their links are promoted too on the blogs, wikis and lenses that had been made.

18. Question Answer Sites:

• Accounts on various Question answer sites are created.

• Relevant questions are answered along with the posting of link.

• If necessary, relevant questions are also asked for viewers to answer.

19. Micro Blogging Sites:

• It is a networking service that allows user to update even via mobile or other internet based resources.

• It is used for promotion of the website.

• Accounts on various Micro Blogging sites are created.

• The links are promoted on micro blogging sites.

20. PDF & PPT file promotion:

The PDF & PPT are posted on various sites such as blogs, lenses and various PDF and presentation submitting sites, which are used for promoting the site, as people loves free and knowledgeable stuff, and the more knowledgeable stuff is, the more it is liked by the viewers.